Have you been hearing a call in your soul? This ancient call is recurring louder than ever in our modern times. We as women are being called upon to rise, to shine, to unite, to live our best lives, to blossom into our full potential.

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Why is this so important, and why now?

“The world will be saved by the Western woman” is a widespread quote by the Dalai Lama, and it is truer now than ever. We as women embody qualities that the world is hungry for at this point in time.

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread” – Mother Theresa

When we as women rise towards the pinnacle of our potential, we automatically spread the much-needed qualities that we as women embody. Care, connection, creativity, community, empathy, emotional intelligence, intuition are a few of these feminine values. There also seems to be a natural mechanism, especially within women that once we achieve personal success, we long to share, care and contribute to a better world.

When women achieve personal success, there is a longing to share, care and contribute to improving the wider world.

woman-sun-goddessWe have been living in a masculine-oriented society for hundreds if not thousands of years- which of course has brought us many benefits in the way we live today. At the same time however it has also brought a bereftness of natural resources as we have distanced ourselves from our natural way of being in the world. It is time for the masculine qualities to be evened out with the feminine in order to restore the balance on our planet.

Slipping out of Society’s Straightjacket

Most of us women have been raised in a world where it was taught that success in our careers, finances and lives could only be achieved by adapting to a masculine world and adopting masculine values. We have more or less successfully squeezed our feminine essence into society’s straightjacket in order to try and fit into a form that we were never meant to fit into. And again, these masculine values can be valuable for us as well- but they need to be built upon a feminine foundation. When we rediscover the women’s way of being in the world, we reclaim a feminine foundation upon which we can build and symbolically marry the masculine.

Marrying the Masculine and the Feminine

This is the holy matrimony or sacred marriage- when two opposing parts of our personality unite, bringing forth a new way of being in the world. Restoring the balance between:

  • Head and Heart
  • Strength and Sensitivity
  • Stability and Surrender
  • Independence and Interdependence
  • Intuition and Intelligence
  • Assertiveness and Affection
  • Ambition and Acceptance
  • Facts and Feelings


When a woman is in balance in her feminine and masculine, there is a quality emanating from her. That quality I call the divine feminine, it is the light of the soul shining through a woman’s body. And once we begin to nurture our feminine nature, it is as though we reclaim a part of us that we might have forgotten or never even knew we had. We arrive back home to ourselves.

So let’s have a look at some of the ways for us women to reconnect with our feminine essence:

1. Breath

The first and most essential tool that I use is the breath. The Swedish word for breath is: ‘andning’ and ‘ande’ means spirit, so you could say that the breath is the movement of spirit. Accessing that divine (feminine) quality within us, for me, means to just breathe and know that the breath is the divine. This is why the breath is so essential in feeling those qualities within ourselves.

It is about a certain type of breathing though because when we breathe in a shallow way, we do not feel these divine qualities. I usually teach prolonging the breath rhythm as in allowing the inhale and exhale to be longer, for instance, by counting slowly to 4 on the inhalation and counting to 4 on the exhalation. This conscious breath allows you to fall into the well of the divine within you.

2. Dance

The divine in women shows itself in the fact that we have the capacity to shine our light through our skin. When a woman feels good there is this light and it is moving, unlike men who have a one-pointed presence when they feel good within themselves. So for me movement is one of the things that has helped me to move into my divine feminine. And dancing! Just dancing to some music that you like and that makes you feel at home in the body can help you experience the joy of moving through life in the feminine way.

3. Touch

Touch is another essential element for embodying the divine feminine. It can be by giving yourself touch, getting a massage or exchanging touch with another woman. This is something we do a lot in the women’s rooms, in a way worshipping the divine feminine in each other- the spark of divinity that we all are.

Touch naturally creates certain well-being hormones in your body, oxytocin being the most important one but also nitric oxide which is more like a transmitter substance, which comes whenever you feel pleasure. Pleasure is another essential practice- to simply ask yourself what gives you pleasure and doings these things on a regular basis will also support the divine being that you are to shine through.

These are of course only three practices for you to start with and there is so much more that I would like to share with you! That extends the scope of this blog article though. But… I now have a new way to share these practices and teachings and so much more with you and so it is with so much passion and pleasure that I present:

The Blossoming Women Online Course!

This is a two-month online journey which I have been creating over this past year and for which I have extracted the most precious pearls of 17 years experience in working with women.

“When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens” -Phylicia Rashad


In this online program you can imagine us gathering in a sacred virtual temple. Over the course of two months you will receive access to seven doors (modules), unlocking access to ancient and modern feminine teachings as well as practical tools and techniques to enhance your way of relating with yourself, your body and the world around you. All set in a supportive space of sisterhood.

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I would so love to welcome you into our sacred virtual temple!

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