The Art Of Conscious Relationships


Sometimes it is difficult to express certain feelings to your beloved, especially when it triggers deep fears or pain inside us. When this happens, we often react with blame towards our beloved, trying to avoid feeling what is really there.

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This kind of fears and pain are usually well buried inside of us and we are usually not conscious about them. That is why it is not easy to recognize them. When they arise, all we want is to avoid feeling them. When we become aware of the hidden fear or pain, it is amazing to see all the strategies that we are undertaking to avoid feeling them. Like blaming our beloved for the things we don’t like to feel, thinking that if he or she changes, it will make us feel better. Basically, what we are doing is stepping into our victim mode, giving away the responsibility of what we feel and pointing out all the things that should be different and that unfortunately we can’t control.

We are trying to change our uncomfortable experiences by changing what our beloved does or says, thinking that if he or she changes, that it is going to change our experience. It’s like saying: “please change how you act, to make me less likely to blame you. If you can make it more difficult for me to blame you, I would hate you less…”

This kind of reaction really shows the level of fear that is behind such a behavior, and most of us don’t realize how much fear we carry inside us. When we hide ourselves behind layers of protections to avoid to feel the pain, we close our heart, to ourselves and to our beloved and we prevent more love, more joy and more trust to come into our life and into our relationships.

It really takes a lot of courage to show our vulnerability instead of blaming others.  For me, even being familiar with the mechanisms of protections, doesn’t always prevent me to react with blame toward my beloved. But for sure, when it happens it doesn’t take long time anymore, before I can allow myself to really feel what is going on and share about it from a vulnerable place. Showing her more of who I really am and allowing her to come closer to me, in very intimate parts of my inner being that nobody has entered before, sometimes not even myself.

Here is a good map for all lovers: as long as you want to affect or change the other person in any way, you are in protection, not in vulnerability. In protection mode, it might feel more safe in the moment, but in we are actually blocking the love current. Not only with your beloved, but also with yourself and with the universe.

I  am fascinated by the profound healing and expansion of consciousness that can happen in love relationships, as long as we are willing to look into ourselves, to face our deepest fears, and to be vulnerable in front of our beloved.


“Many years ago I was quite lost and confused about my relationships with men and I felt I didn’t have a clue how to create true intimacy. I went on a quest and discovered so many diamonds that transformed my love relationships into a catalyst for my own growth and evolution. From all these years of exploration, experiences and research, I have created Living Intimacy – The Path of the Beloved, a series of 4 retreats for lovers that I guide together with Elie.” Marya Norell

Each retreat addresses a different theme, building on the previous one, and still is complete in itself, so you can choose to take the whole program or book them individually.

If you are currently in a relationship and want to deepen it and give it the most uplifting and transforming experience, then this program might be the next step for you and your beloved. Living Intimacy brings a unique blend in relationship dynamics, co-dependency, conscious relating, tantra, tao and heart-centered spirituality.

We also offer one-day immersions for lovers.  This day will give you a taste of the Living Intimacy – Path of the Beloved 4-retreat journey. It is also an opportunity to give yourself a one-day immersion together with your beloved.

The Living Intimacy journey is for us the most beautiful and profound way to bring more love, aliveness and power into our life. To also attract more of what we are longing for and let go of old patterns that prevent our light to shine fully. Living Intimacy is a journey where we open to more compassion, connection and complicity with our partner, as we learn to love ourselves more and open the doors to our soul to express the uniqueness of who we really are.

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One-day Immersion for Lovers @ Netherlands
Nov 13 all-day

This day will give you a taste of the Living Intimacy – Path of the Beloved 4-retreat journey. It is also an opportunity to give yourself a one-day immersion together with your beloved, where you are being guided, in a safe and loving container, to experience a selection of the Living Intimacy practices. The content is created in the flow of the moment, which makes all immersion-days different from each other.

Here are some general elements of the day:

  • Guided meditation landing and relaxing into yourself and with your beloved
  • What is Living Intimacy – Short presentation
  • Opening to heart consciousness and formulating an intention for the day
  • Breath, movement and other embodiment practices for more aliveness
  • The art of conscious touch
  • Tantric meditations to enhance the love current with your beloved
  • How to communicate with your beloved from vulnerability instead of blame and protection
  • Time for sharing and Q&A

Even if there are other couples in the room, the intention is for you and your beloved to stay together and create your own little bubble for the two of you to have this precious time, where you get to nourish your love and deepen your intimate connection.


Time: Tuesday November 13, 2018 at 10:00 to 18:00

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuurshe, Netherlands –

Price: 80€ per person (included vegan organic lunch and catering)

Registration: To register for this eventclick the button “Register”  at the top right.

Living Intimacy – Ecstatic Union @ Netherlands
Nov 15 – Nov 18 all-day

Here we are deepening our exploration of the Path of the Beloved, taking the spiritual journey of relationship to a new level, where you know that the beloved, the divine is within you as well as acknowledging your partner as the beloved and an agent of the divine in human form.

When we bring this perspective into our everyday life with each other, the invitation is to interpret whatever comes up in our interaction, as a way for the souls to evolve and expand even more into essence, even if it is coming through conflict. The beloved in front of you is serving as a catalyst, bringing forth whatever is needed for you to grow into the highest version of yourself.

In this retreat we will bring tantric practices especially designed to bring more ecstasy into your intimate relating. We will explore the fire of desire and the art of worshipping the masculine/feminine essence in each other. You will learn sacred sex rituals, bringing devotion into the bedroom, as well as exploring taoistic exercises to enhance your sexual energy and replenish your soul.

When we move in lovemaking in this way, connecting and allowing the energy to move from the sex, to the heart and beyond…merging the Beloved within with the Beloved outside and becoming one…this is Ecstatic Union.


Time: From Thursday November 15, 2018 at 10:00 until Sunday November 18, 2018 at 17:00.

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuurshe, Netherlands –

Price: 620€*
Reduction price for 4 retreats: 2120€* (100€ discount)
Reduction price for 3 retreats: 1540€* (60€ discount)
*Price for 1 person

In the fee is included:
LODGING: Double-room
MEALS: Organic vegetarian food

Registration: To register for this retreatclick the button “Register”  at the top right. You can choose to pay the full amount at once or to pay a deposit and the remaining sum later.

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