In this video I’d like to give you an easy way to activate your life energy. This technique is also a great stress release tool as well as a healing modality. It has different names, but I simply call it Shaking.

The first time I encountered Shaking, was when I was introduced to Osho Kundalini Meditation many years ago. This meditation has four stages of each 15 minutes, where the first one is shaking, then dancing, then sitting still and finally lying down on your back resting. It is often done at the end of the day to release and shake off any tensions accumulated from the day.

Here is a link to where you can read more about it as well as download the music that goes with it. I fell in love with shaking through this meditation. Osho Mediation – Kundalini

There is a Balinese healer, Ratu Bagus, who is using shaking as a healing modality in his center on Bali. It is said that people are healed from different diseases, by shaking several hours a day. Here you can read more about this method of Shaking.

In the early 90’s I was introduced to the AUM meditation from the Humaniversity in Holland, and in one of the 13 parts of this social and dynamic meditation journey there is a shaking part, with a great song called Kundalini Rising that I use in the video. This is a link to the song on Spotify:

Humaniversity has also created another beautiful dance and shaking meditation, that is a tribute to the Earth and called our Sacred Earth. The first 5 parts are a mix of dancing and shaking and the one I use most often in my women’s courses. Click here to listen on Spotify. Both these cd’s can be purchased at the Humaniversity webshop

Here is some more music from Spotify that is great for shaking, I have also added the titles in case you don’t use Spotify:
Song: Wash out Extended Version by Dick Travor, James Monroe
Song: Eargate by Anarchy, Dickster & Barker
Song: Cinnamon Girl in the Sun by Dunkelbunt

I hope you have enjoyed my video and hope you find ways in your daily life to breathe consciously, activate your life energy and love yourself even more!

In abundant love and gratitude

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