Individual Session
Couple Session

Individual Session

For men and women

There can be one or more reasons as to why booking an individual session with me. Here I have listed some of the common session topics:

  • You feel that there is “more of you” that wants to be expressed and lived and don’t know how to bring this out.
  • You find it difficult or don’t know how to love your self.
  • You lack self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and long to be more alive and present in life.
  • You would like to be more fulfilled in your sexuality.
  • You have relationship issues that make you feel frustrated and unhappy.
  • You are overachieving and often feel stressed, depleted and/or disempowered as a result.
  • You are in a life crisis and need support.
  • You find yourself in an accelerated spiritual growth process and feel overwhelmed.
  • You are longing to live a life of passion, power and purpose, but don’t know how.

Whether you recognize some of the topics listed above or you have other issiues, I can offer you a first meeting with me at a reduced price, so that you can feel if what I offer can be of support to you.

Book an introductory session of 45 min on Skype at a reduced price of 75 € (normal price 90 €/45 min).

A personal session can support you to heal, it can open to your inner wisdom and help you see more clear, it can guide you to your inner truth and access the power and trust that is needed to live from your full potential.

  • It can teach you to become your own best caretaker, friend and lover, treating yourself from a position of unconditional love and wisdom.
  • It can open the doors in your heart so that you can access the light that you are.
  • It can change limiting beliefs about yourself and help you to birth new realities.
  • It can move you into awakening into your life force and ignite your sensuous woman/man.

I am trained in many methods including several healing modalities, body-oriented psychotherapy, breathwork, spiritual counseling, tao/tantra, meditation, trauma therapy, co-dependency, shamanism, inner management coaching and I have guided people individually for over 25 years.

It is my passion to inspire you to access and live your full potential in all areas of your life. The foundation in my sessions is based on extensive training, rich life experience, intuition and heart. The magic is the sessions unfolds in the meeting with you, which every time is a like a gift being unwrapped and puts me in awe!

Feedback from a recent session:
“There is an amazing flow that started to rise since our session and connection in real life took place last week. It seems like I have lived three weeks since we have met and only seven days have passed. It is truly wonderful to finally feel some stream of aliveness flowing where creativity is being born again and floats together with it. For the first time I can experience a drive to really start creating my life, and to really just do it and make it happen!
I send you my immense gratitude and love for the beautiful and magical space you have created, where a huge shift seemed to have happened on many different levels. I bow down for your precious time and for the love and the openness you have shared with me. Really special.”

Sessions are mainly on Skype or Zoom. If you live in the Netherlands, it is possible to meet me for live sessions in between my travels.

Prices Individual Sessions: 120€/hr or 2€/min online session (prices incl. 21 % Dutch VAT)

To book a session contact me by e-mail

Couple Session

A love relationship can be one of the most beautiful experiences we can have in our lives and is often also the arena where we encounter the deepest challenges.

When the honeymoon, the falling in love phase is over and the relationship is moving into a deeper phase, many uninvited guests tend to present themselves into the relationship. They usually come in the form of distrust, jealousy, control, shame, guilt, unworthiness and emotional chock and are all rooted in fear and wounds we carry from our past.

Especially in relationships where the love connection is strong, that which seems to be in the way of love starts to take over the show. Many couples feel helpless and frustrated over all the hindrances and resistances that suddenly appears, like dark clouds on the just before so blue sky.

To truly care for ourselves, each other and dare to expose our vulnerability, is often not something we have been taught and that is why it is important to receive support and guidance, so that we can learn ways to allow love and healing in.

These and other questions can be the reason that you and your beloved choose to book a session with me:

  • How does one allow love to win in challenging times?
  • How to cultivate the love current in the relationship?
  • How does one grow healthy relationships and break the destructive patterns?
  • How are men’s defenses built differently than women’s?
  • What is the difference between men and women’s need of relating?
  • How do we open for deeper intimacy?
  • How do we take care of each other’s sensitivity and by that creating more love to flow?
  • How do we support each other to become whole individuals and still be in deep intimacy together?
  • And when should one stay in a relationship and when is it time to move on?

Intimate relationships are like a garden, when tended properly, can become the fertile ground for you both to grow, to transform and to flower.

I like to see it in this way that my beloved and I are each other’s angels, here to support each other to remember who we truly are. And with our angel at our side, to become aware of what is really going on when we are triggered and dare to expose our pain, helplessness and vulnerability. As well as facing the fear behind our destructive behaviors and start loving the one inside that is scared.

I am coming from a rich exploration of long-term intimate relationships and I have been fortunate to be trained with some of the best people in this field. I have over 20 years of experience of supporting couples and carry a deep knowledge and understanding of men’s and women’s conditioning when it comes to intimate relationships.

Tantric Guidance for Lovers

I also offer private sessions for couples who want to learn more about the sexual teachings from the paths of Tao and Tantra.

  • You are in a well-functioning and harmonious relationship, but would like to add more depth and connection to your love life.
  • You want to explore conscious relating, learning how to be closer than you already are.
  • You might have a flowering sex life and want to enrich and deepen the intimacy.
  • You want to learn taoistic and tantric practices for enhanced sexual wellbeing and orgasmic potential.
  • You would like to expand the love that is already there and bring more devotion into the relationship.

Prices Couple Session (minimum 2 hrs): 275€ – Reduced price 3 hrs: 350€ (prices incl. 21 % Dutch VAT)

To book a session contact me by e-mail