Today’s video will inspire you to bring more self-love into your life, and there is a very simple and powerful way to do that.

When you love yourself on a daily base you raise your vibrational field and you start to vibrate in a higher frequency, which is resonating with your true nature as you simply align with what the Universe has known all along:

“You are love, you are beautiful, you are precious, you are magnificent, you are free, you are light…”

As most of us carry subconscious beliefs that are rooted in fear, it is extremely important to know what self-love can do to these subconscious, lower vibrational states, that sometimes totally take over and “rule the show”, especially in our relationships with other people.

For example, shame, which is the feeling that you are not ok as you are. Or unworthiness, a very devastating feeling that you have simply no right to exist. And the most annihilating of all, emotional chock, which is rooted in being so overwhelmed by circumstances in life, that we feel numbed out and cut off from our feelings.

When you use a higher vibrational sentence like “I love you” on a daily base, and this gets anchored as your new reality, the lower vibrational beliefs will dissolve into the higher vibrational state.

You can also adress the lower vibrational feeling more directly. For example, when you feel fear and you repeat the sentences you need to hear, like “you are safe now”, “ I am here for you”, “it is ok if you are scared, you can stay here as long as you need, I will not abandon you”, it creates changes in your limbic system deep inside the brain and rewires your nervous system.

Self-love is also one of the most efficient ways to break out of victimhood, where you are not any longer waiting for a world to awaken and love you. By you turning to your own heart, loving the innocence that resides there, you access true empowerment as the doors to your radiant feminine potential open!

In abundant love and gratitude,

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