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On my spiritual journey, there came a point, where I needed to find a path which was more in tune with the feminine heart. I had also discovered the importance of balancing the inner masculine with the inner feminine and saw that many of the women I was working with would benefit from a more feminine-oriented spirituality. This led me to create my first women’s retreat 18 years ago.

I realized that connecting with other women in this sacred space, to ignite, to heal, to support each other in unleashing our divine spark, as well as bringing back true sisterhood, was indeed so needed for us women. Out of this first retreat, many more have been created, including Shakti Delight, where we focus on the Tantric path for women and the year program Women’s Way, which celebrated 10 years anniversary in 2017.

Thousands of women have journeyed through my programs and it feels amazing to be part of inspiring a Women’s Global Awakening Movement, in alignment with the shift that is happening right now on the planet, where the divine feminine is more called for than ever before.

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Women’s Heart Gatherings

Evening meetings with Marya Norell

women circle
  • Are you longing to live your full feminine potential?
  • Do you want to uncover your feminine power and allow your light to shine fully?
  • Are you ready to open your heart and unleash your Goddess?

These evenings are a meeting-place of feminine souls, an invitation to awaken to what is essential and true within us, to the love that we are.

Through the feminine practices and meditations, healing and transformation happen. In a safe and loving environment, you are offered the possibility to open beyond any inhibiting layers into who you truly are, allowing your heart to rejoice as the light of love.

“Every heart is a wondrous sunrise of innocence, radiating life’s endless potential, as the only possibility there is.” ~ Matt Kahn

Marya Norell works as an inspirational and passionate facilitator in spiritual self-development and human potential, for individuals, couples and groups. She is a world traveler, creating sacred space, women’s retreats, couple workshops, dance gatherings and private sessions for over 25 years. Marya is a devotee to bringing balance into the body, heart and soul. She has a deep, loving heart and a laser-sharp focus. It is her passion to inspire you to live your full potential – using both her extensive training and rich life experience, as well as her intuitive guidance.

>> These evenings will also give you a taste of the work Marya does and to feel into if you want to join an upcoming retreat or year program.

Her most extensive program is Women’s Way – an in-depth journey of 4 retreats over one year, starting in March 2019.

Comments of participants from previous Women Heart Gatherings:

“There still is a beautiful silence inside of me. Thank you all for the lovely evening.”

“It was a wonderful, powerful evening in Haarlem. Thank you Annemieke for hosting this evening and Marya for the delightful experience!! “

“Thank you dear Marya for the lovely evening and your beautiful energy. Love to see you again in the future.”

Upcoming Women’s Heart Gathering events:

Blossoming Women

3-day retreat – Flowering into your Full Feminine Potential

What would it be like to feel fully alive and flourishing in all areas of your life? To be truly at home in your feminine body, enjoying your sensuous self, empowered in your essence and allowing yourself to truly shine…

A luscious life of passion, purpose and personal power is possible for all of us. It starts with loving yourself enough to make the most conscious, caring choices each day. As you move more towards your most fulfilling life and a deeper connection to yourself, your inner light radiates more and more, which in turn affects everyone around you to awaken into their full potential.

Welcome to a sacred, transformative and healing journey in a wise women’s circle, to nurture your feminine soul and unleash the goddess within!

During this retreat you will learn:

  • The most essential tools to attain feminine flowering
  • Unleashing your sensuous self

  • To tap into your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance

  • How to flower as a woman and shine your true power

Shakti Delight

3-day retreat – Awaken your Sexual Potential

  • Do you find that your sexual potential could be expressed or lived more fully?shakti
  • Are you longing to feel more alive and in touch with your feminine power?
  • Does your body feel inhibited when it comes to pleasure and sensuality?
  • Are your intimate relationships challenging, non-existing or in need of an upgrade?

All of this and more will be addressed in Shakti Delight where you will:

  • Learn tantric techniques and meditations for sexual wellbeing
  • Explore your feminine passion potential
  • Discover your sensuous flow
  • Move beyond inhibiting sexual conditioning
  • Learn how to create more fulfilling and nourishing relationships
  • Enhance your love life

Shakti comes from Sanskrit and means divine life energy. Shakti Delight invites you to freely express your life force, your feminine power, your sensuality, your love and your light as well as learning to expand your sexual energy, opening to more pleasure and ecstasy.

Since many of us carry conditioning and even traumatic experiences which can be inhibiting to our sexuality and life energy, the emphasis is also about healing whatever is in the way for you to flower into your unique Shakti. We also look at the way women move in intimate relating and create awareness so that you can live from a position of more wholeness in your intimate relationships.

Finally, Shakti Delight invites you to celebrate your fullness as an embodied Goddess, here to shine your light and share your love as a gift to all.

Upcoming Shakti Delight retreats:

Women’s Way 2019

An awakening program in personal and spiritual growth for women

Women’s Way, consisting of 4 retreats times 4 days, is starting for the sixth time in the Netherlands in March 2019.

Maybe one or more of these questions addresses you and might also be why you have been led to Women’s Way:

  • Do you find it difficult to love your self?

  • Are you suffering from low self-esteem and lacking self-confidence?

  • Are you scared to feel certain feelings and feel numbed out as a result?

  • Do you often judge yourself, feel not good enough as you are and are you driven by perfectionism?

  • Do you put other people first in line to take care of and neglect to care for yourself?

  • Do you lose yourself in relationships, depending on love from others?

  • Do you lack healthy boundaries and wonder where your feminine power is hiding?

  • Do you feel an imbalance between your inner masculine and inner feminine?

  • Are you more or less dissatisfied sexually?

  • Do you miss feeling the spark of life?

  • Are you energetically sensitive, which makes you often feel overwhelmed and blocked?

  • Do you feel restricted and withhold your true self?

Or as a participant describes it before she started the program:
“I would love to dare to shine my brightest light, without holding back, so that I can do what I am meant to do in this life…so that I can live my purpose, stand in my own power and make use of my inner wisdom more. I want to let go of trying to control life and trust more to go with the loving flow of it. I want to be able to full-heartedly say ’’yes’’ to being a woman (and so a goddess). I want to dare to bewilder, laugh and dance more. I would like to be more in touch with my creativity; gain the ability to make use of my intuition even more consciously, opening myself more to love and self-love. And saying bye-bye to any upcoming feelings of guilt and shame in terms of fun and pleasure.”

Women’s Way is an awakening and healing journey with the same circle of women, together exploring feminine potential, self-worth, sexuality, empowerment, integrity and true sisterhood.

In this unique program, you are invited to take leadership over your own life in all its aspects. If you want to live your full potential it starts with being willing to take care of and love yourself on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. With this approach to life, new realities are created and more constructive behavioral patterns are appearing in your professional life, in your intimate relationships and towards yourself.

Women’s Way is an in-depth program for you who are looking for something that is more than the average. The teaching is based on heart-centered spirituality and is a well-balanced mix between experiencing, reflection, expression, and manifestation.

Women’s Way is providing conditions for you as Woman to grow and evolve whether it is in your role as mother, career woman, partner or lover. Forget all about doing and performing, you are here for you and simply be you!

Old beliefs about yourself are changed, limiting borders are moved and you get the possibility to grow in a safe and allowing atmosphere. You are moved into your own inner integrity, to stand in your self-esteem and to find your power from inside out instead of the other way around.

Women’s Way is for every woman with a longing to merge integrity, self-worth and self-realization with clarity and feminine power. Women’s Way is about coming home to your Self and unleashing your inner Goddess so that she can manifest herself in a balanced way in your everyday life.

Women’s Way has so far been offered for 10 consecutive years. It started in Sweden and Norway and then moved to the Netherlands, that with its central location in Europe, has become the base for the program.