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Path for Lovers

Living Intimacy – Awakening through intimate relationships

  • Do you long to deepen in your intimate relationship?
  • Would you like to explore relationship as a catalyst to personal growth and spiritual awakening?

  • Do you feel there is more to learn and evolve into regarding your sexuality, both your own and as lovers?

  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to express your authentic self to your beloved?

  • Do you want to release old repetitive patterns that inhibit you to receive the full potential of joy in your relationship?

  • Are you curious to know more about, as well as exploring the Taoistic and Tantric path together?

  • Are you ready to embark on an amazing journey walking the Path of the Beloved?

love couple

If there is a yes to one or more of these questions, Living Intimacy might be the next step for you and your beloved to take on your journey as lovers.

Living Intimacy has been offered as a couple retreats since 2007. Over the years the content has been polished and refined so that it can bring you the most uplifting and transforming experience for you and your relationship.

Living Intimacy – The Path of the Beloved is a journey over 4 retreats, each addressing a different theme and inviting an in-depth exploration of the many facets of love relationships. Each retreat is complete in itself and can be booked individually.  To uplift your relationship to a higher level of love and consciousness, we recommend you to follow the 4 retreats as a training as it deepens your transformation with every step. You can read the content of each retreat below, under >>Upcoming Retreats for lovers<<. If you are curious and want to know more about this journey, you are welcome to join one of our 1-day Immersion.

  • Connect to the wisdom of the body, reclaim your feeling capacity and open to the flow of your life energy

  • Create a more nourishing and loving relationship, rooted in compassion for yourself and your Beloved

  • Move beyond co-dependency strategies, transforming fear and learning the art of conscious relationships

  • Unveil yourself, allow your vulnerability and authenticity to shine

  • Learn to see triggers as catalysts for healing and transformation

  • Learn how to sustain the love current between you, by cultivating transparency, truth and trust

  • Re-ignite the passion and move into deeper intimacy and a more fulfilling sexuality

When we start to relate to others from wholeness, trust, honesty and authenticity, we open the doors for more love, more innocence, more creativity and an enhanced sexual flow.

Many of us often face challenges regarding love and intimacy, especially when moving deeper into a relationship. Old inherited imprints buried in our cellular memory, often bring out distrust in ourselves, towards the other and towards life in general. When not acknowledged, these imprints prevent us from creating healthy and nourishing love relationships.

In Living Intimacy we don’t try to get rid of what seems to be in the way of love; instead we change the way we relate to what is arising, bringing more awareness and self-love to the experiences we have. In a foundation of compassion, we allow vulnerability to be there and healing to happen, opening the doors to our heart consciousness. This will ignite a totally new level of intimate relating, where fear-based patterns don’t need to rule the show, but are allowed to be seen, to be loved and transformed to trust.

Living Intimacy brings a unique blend from my extensive training in relationship dynamics, co-dependency, conscious relating, tantra, tao and heart-centered spirituality. Since 2013 I guide the retreats together with my beloved, Elie, who also supports the journey with his live music and unique sound transmission.  

One-day Immersion Into Love and Intimacy

1 day event for lovers

This day will give you a taste of the Living Intimacy – Path of the Beloved journey. It is also an opportunity to give yourself a one-day immersion together with your beloved. More details under event box.

Upcoming Immersion Days for Lovers:

One-day Immersion for Lovers @ Netherlands
Nov 13 all-day

This day will give you a taste of the Living Intimacy – Path of the Beloved 4-retreat journey. It is also an opportunity to give yourself a one-day immersion together with your beloved, where you are being guided, in a safe and loving container, to experience a selection of the Living Intimacy practices. The content is created in the flow of the moment, which makes all immersion-days different from each other.

Here are some general elements of the day:

  • Guided meditation landing and relaxing into yourself and with your beloved
  • What is Living Intimacy – Short presentation
  • Opening to heart consciousness and formulating an intention for the day
  • Breath, movement and other embodiment practices for more aliveness
  • The art of conscious touch
  • Tantric meditations to enhance the love current with your beloved
  • How to communicate with your beloved from vulnerability instead of blame and protection
  • Time for sharing and Q&A

Even if there are other couples in the room, the intention is for you and your beloved to stay together and create your own little bubble for the two of you to have this precious time, where you get to nourish your love and deepen your intimate connection.


Time: Tuesday November 13, 2018 at 10:00 to 18:00

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuurshe, Netherlands –

Price: 80€ per person (included vegan organic lunch and catering)

Registration: To register for this eventclick the button “Register”  at the top right.

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuurshe, Netherlands –

Price: 80€ per person (included vegan organic lunch)

Registration: to register for an immersion-day, click the “Register” button in the event box.

Living Intimacy – The path of the Beloved

Retreats for lovers

Living Intimacy Path of the Beloved is a journey over four retreats each addressing a different theme and building on the previous one. Each retreat is still complete in itself and can be booked separately.

Upcoming Retreats for Lovers

Living Intimacy – Ecstatic Union @ Netherlands
Nov 15 – Nov 18 all-day

Here we are deepening our exploration of the Path of the Beloved, taking the spiritual journey of relationship to a new level, where you know that the beloved, the divine is within you as well as acknowledging your partner as the beloved and an agent of the divine in human form.

When we bring this perspective into our everyday life with each other, the invitation is to interpret whatever comes up in our interaction, as a way for the souls to evolve and expand even more into essence, even if it is coming through conflict. The beloved in front of you is serving as a catalyst, bringing forth whatever is needed for you to grow into the highest version of yourself.

In this retreat we will bring tantric practices especially designed to bring more ecstasy into your intimate relating. We will explore the fire of desire and the art of worshipping the masculine/feminine essence in each other. You will learn sacred sex rituals, bringing devotion into the bedroom, as well as exploring taoistic exercises to enhance your sexual energy and replenish your soul.

When we move in lovemaking in this way, connecting and allowing the energy to move from the sex, to the heart and beyond…merging the Beloved within with the Beloved outside and becoming one…this is Ecstatic Union.


Time: From Thursday November 15, 2018 at 10:00 until Sunday November 18, 2018 at 17:00.

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuurshe, Netherlands –

Price: 620€*
Reduction price for 4 retreats: 2120€* (100€ discount)
Reduction price for 3 retreats: 1540€* (60€ discount)
*Price for 1 person

In the fee is included:
LODGING: Double-room
MEALS: Organic vegetarian food

Registration: To register for this retreatclick the button “Register”  at the top right. You can choose to pay the full amount at once or to pay a deposit and the remaining sum later.

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuurshe, Netherlands –

Times: From Thursday 10:00 until Sunday 17:00.

Registration: to register for a Living Intimacy Retreat, click the “Register” button in the event box.

What participants say about Living Intimacy: