November 7, 2019 – November 10, 2019 all-day
Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche

– This retreat is part of the Women’s Way Year Program and can’t be book separately –

This retreat invites you to step into the temple of the Divine Feminine that you are, awakening even deeper to your feminine essence, unleashing the Goddess within and not any longer holding back your Sacred Self to shine at full capacity!

It is about reconnecting to your Higher Self as your guide and Angel and learning to manifest higher vibrational realities from where inner wisdom and intuitive knowing naturally flows. Aligning yourself to a higher frequency on a daily base will open the flow of creativity and allow you to share your unique gifts with the world you are here to assist in this time of global ascension.

This is where the Women’s Way journey ends with you becoming a living embodiment of the Goddess, living as the light of love and in oneness with all of creation. You have come home!

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