Living Intimacy – Heart Alchemy @ Netherlands

August 31, 2018 – September 2, 2018 all-day
Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche

This retreat is about expanding your capacity to love, your own self and your beloved. It will infuse your lovemaking, allowing sex to marry the heart and creating a space where you can melt, feel and heal.

It starts with self-love, becoming the most loving partner to yourself and establishing a close, intimate relationship with yourself. Often this is something we need to re-learn, as we tend to loose ourselves in the other, making them more important and forgetting about the precious being, our innocence, that is residing in our hearts.

Then we have the love for our intimate partners. Often in longtime relationships, as we get habituated to each other, we tend to not always see the other with the eyes of love, like when we first met. It has become a habit that the other is there and the newness that we felt in the beginning has faded. We will explore ways to open to the love flow again, re-igniting passion and libido.

We will also investigate how to deal with everyday conflicts and challenges in the relationship. How do we open to more love in these situations and use them as a door to growth? By building a foundation of trust in the relationship, it can become the most fertile ground for love to grow.

In this retreat you will learn and explore:
– Dynamic of triggering
– Healing from emotional co-dependency
– Tantric lovemaking practices
– How sex becomes intimate
– Deepening into tantric massage
– Conscious communication skills
– Relaxation and meditation


Time: From Friday August 31, 2018 at 10:00 until Sunday September 2, 2018 at 17:00.

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuurshe, Netherlands –

Price: 490€*
Reduction price for 4 retreats: 2120€* (100€ discount)
Reduction price for 3 retreats: 1540€* (60€ discount)
*Price for 1 person

In the fee is included:
LODGING: Double-room
MEALS: Organic vegetarian food

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