How to Master Relationships


In our last retreat for couples called Body Awakening, my beloved and I shared a model to understand the mechanisms of protection and vulnerability that surface in relationships.  This model is inspired from the book Face to Face with Fear from Dr Thomas Krish Trobe. It is about how we [...]

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The Beloved Within – Nourishing Your Primary Relationship


Lately I have been offering quite a few sessions both online and "live" here in the Netherlands, for individuals and couples, which has inspired me to share with you what I often encountered in these meetings.  What has been transpiring mostly is the theme of intimate relationships and how [...]

The Beloved Within – Nourishing Your Primary Relationship2018-03-05T15:59:11+01:00

The Art Of Conscious Relationships


Sometimes it is difficult to express certain feelings to your beloved, especially when it triggers deep fears or pain inside us. When this happens, we often react with blame towards our beloved, trying to avoid feeling what is really there. This kind of fears and pain are usually well buried [...]

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