Self-Love Practice


Today’s video will inspire you to bring more self-love into your life, and there is a very simple and powerful way to do that. When you love yourself on a daily base you raise your vibrational field and you start to vibrate in a higher frequency, which is resonating with [...]

Self-Love Practice2018-03-03T18:27:05+01:00

Shaking: Stress Release


In this video I'd like to give you an easy way to activate your life energy. This technique is also a great stress release tool as well as a healing modality. It has different names, but I simply call it Shaking. The first time I encountered Shaking, was when I was [...]

Shaking: Stress Release2018-03-03T18:15:28+01:00

The Five Tibetans Rites


Today’s video will show you a powerful way to activate your life energy, vitalize your hormonal glands, align the chakras and to rejuvenate you! A little background to the video: I had a dear friend visiting me in 1991 and he introduced me to the Five Tibetan rites – also [...]

The Five Tibetans Rites2018-03-03T18:26:20+01:00

Conscious Breathing


Thank you for being here and allowing me to share what I have always been passionate about! It took me many years to finally find a spiritual path that fitted me. As a result of being energetically sensitive, as many of us are, we have often felt overwhelmed and [...]

Conscious Breathing2018-03-03T18:16:33+01:00