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Be At Home No Matter Where You Are


While transitioning towards the new consciousness, we will inevitably come to realize that our experiences are not defined by the circumstances of our life, but rather by the way we perceive our environment. In other words, what we believe about what we perceive, define our experiences. We can say that we, [...]

Be At Home No Matter Where You Are2019-10-15T20:53:12+02:00

The Art Of Conscious Relationships


Sometimes it is difficult to express certain feelings to your beloved, especially when it triggers deep fears or pain inside us. When this happens, we often react with blame towards our beloved, trying to avoid feeling what is really there. This kind of fears and pain are usually well buried [...]

The Art Of Conscious Relationships2021-05-04T16:52:21+02:00

Are You An Over-Sensitive Soul?


The past few weeks, I realized how much stress I have in my system and how important it is to calm down, relax my body and stop the flow of thoughts. It is not something new for me, but when it becomes a usual state, we become easily unaware of it while everything we encounter is seen as something [...]

Are You An Over-Sensitive Soul?2018-03-06T16:59:08+01:00

Circumstances Don’t Matter, Only State of Being Matters


In this time of awakening, we don’t wait for our reality to reflect to us the evidence of what we want more of in our life. Instead, we incarnate and cultivate the vibration of the things we want to experience more. Waiting to see signs of abundance in our [...]

Circumstances Don’t Matter, Only State of Being Matters2018-03-03T18:06:29+01:00

A New Earth is Emerging


A new Earth is emerging, where love becomes the only answer to endless questions. In fact this world has always been here, waiting for the eyes that would see it. We are not living in an evolving world, we are the consciousness that makes the world evolve. So the [...]

A New Earth is Emerging2018-03-03T18:05:32+01:00