womansunsetDuring the month of March, Women’s History Month is celebrated across the world. This reminds us that as women we have come a long way, especially in the Western world. We now have many opportunities to create the lives we wish for and each day we strive to make the best out of our careers, relationships, health, family, leisure time…

Most of us have achieved a certain degree of success in the outer world, now the question arises: did our inner world keep up?

As we go about our day, we naturally nurture everyone and everything that needs our care. We forget that the greatest gift we can give to others is to first take care of ourselves. Sounds ironic, right? But remember the safety instructions on airplanes. They always mention how mothers need to pull the oxygen mask first on themselves before tending to their children. It seems to go against our nature, yet how can we help others if we can’t even breathe ourselves? This brings us to the first key to connecting with our feminine nature: our breath.

1. Sinking into our Feminine Essence

It’s easy to take our breath for granted. We don’t need to think or do anything, it just happens. But once you do pay attention and observe your breath, it will slow down and you’ll begin to relax.

We can then take the next step by connecting with our heart and womb, the home of our feminine essence. A simple and beautiful technique that Ramya teaches in her programs is what she calls ‘plugging in’. We do this by putting our hands on our heart and womb and bringing our attention there, as we consciously breathe in and out.

Breathing here, we start to sink beneath all the layers that we usually present to the world. This is when we touch into our feminine essence. The place where we find our hidden potential, creativity, passion for life, forgotten dreams and our authentic personality. At the bottom lies a source of love that no one else in our lives could ever replace. A treasure that we can bring back up and share with the world.

We are the only ones who can give ourselves the time to dive deeply into our feminine essence and retrieve the treasures that we might have forgotten.

2. Feeling is the Key to Healing

When we retrieve these treasures, we might also come across unpleasant items. As much as we would like to keep them deep down, our painful memories, emotions, disappointments, and difficult situations are all part of life. A good mantra to remember in this context is that: feeling is the key to healing.

free-your-feminine-essenceA loving way to do this is by first connecting with our feminine essence as we did in the previous step. From there we can embrace all our feelings with love, just like a mother would take a crying child into her arms. The more safe this child feels the more it will dare to express its feelings. In the same way, the more we take care of our inner child, the more of our old and unconscious emotions will show up to be embraced and healed.

By healing our old pain, we free ourselves from blockages that might have been holding us back. We create room for the new to enter. This also creates a new outlook on life. As we begin to see through the eyes of our feminine essence, we look at everything and everyone with more love, including ourselves.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~Wayne Dyer

3. Making Conscious Choices

This is the moment we can begin looking at our choices. In the end, it is the sum of our decisions that can either bring us closer to living the life we love or further away from it.

Have you ever realized how we unconsciously make choices based on different ‘voices’? Voices of people that have influenced us throughout the years and that have now become a part of our own mind. You might recognize the voices of your partner, friends and even still your parents. We are so used to listening to these voices of outer influence(r)s that we easily forget that there is always an inner voice speaking to us; the voice of our feminine essence.

She can speak in a silent whisper, a certain feeling, an image or a song that suddenly comes to your mind. The moment you start following these impulses, magic happens. You run into the right people at the right time or books and events show up that will help you along your path. It is that feeling of being supported by the universe and ‘in the flow’. A flow that can lead right up to your dreams if you trust it.

Once you start following the impulses of your feminine essence, magic happens.

At this point, we can ask ourselves how our unique feminine essence wants to express itself in the world. As women we have the potential to give birth to a new child literally, or we can symbolically give birth to a new project, business, blog, book or dream. The moment we begin to live from our feminine essence, we will begin to discover or rediscover these talents. As long as we stay closely connected to our womb and heart, we will be guided.

The-world-will-be-saved-by-the-Western-woman2One way to deepen this process is by joining a group of women who are on the same path. In the past two years, I have had the opportunity to be part of many of the beautiful programs by Ramya Norell. In a nourishing and inspiring atmosphere we learn new tools, remember forgotten truths and reconnect with our true selves. A potential and power awakens when we as women connect to our own feminine essence and with each other in a heart-centered way. The Dalai Lama said that ‘the world will be saved by the Western woman’. And when these awakened Western women unite, we can truly move mountains.

Last year, Marya started offering a Women Facilitator Training in which she shares her knowledge and experience of working with women in this transformative way for 16 years. Being part of this training is an inspiring, empowering and fun experience. As participants, we are currently offering women circles as part of our practicum. So if you live in The Netherlands and would like to further explore your feminine essence, you are very welcome to join one of these evenings!

“Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more.”