Are You An Over-Sensitive Soul?


The past few weeks, I realized how much stress I have in my system and how important it is to calm down, relax my body and stop the flow of thoughts. It is not something new for me, but when it becomes a usual state, we become easily unaware of it while everything we encounter is seen as something [...]

Are You An Over-Sensitive Soul?2018-03-06T16:59:08+01:00

Circumstances Don’t Matter, Only State of Being Matters


In this time of awakening, we don’t wait for our reality to reflect to us the evidence of what we want more of in our life. Instead, we incarnate and cultivate the vibration of the things we want to experience more. Waiting to see signs of abundance in our [...]

Circumstances Don’t Matter, Only State of Being Matters2018-03-03T18:06:29+01:00

A New Earth is Emerging


A new Earth is emerging, where love becomes the only answer to endless questions. In fact this world has always been here, waiting for the eyes that would see it. We are not living in an evolving world, we are the consciousness that makes the world evolve. So the [...]

A New Earth is Emerging2018-03-03T18:05:32+01:00

Self-Love Practice


Today’s video will inspire you to bring more self-love into your life, and there is a very simple and powerful way to do that. When you love yourself on a daily base you raise your vibrational field and you start to vibrate in a higher frequency, which is resonating with [...]

Self-Love Practice2018-03-03T18:27:05+01:00

Shaking: Stress Release


In this video I'd like to give you an easy way to activate your life energy. This technique is also a great stress release tool as well as a healing modality. It has different names, but I simply call it Shaking. The first time I encountered Shaking, was when I was [...]

Shaking: Stress Release2018-03-03T18:15:28+01:00

The Five Tibetans Rites


Today’s video will show you a powerful way to activate your life energy, vitalize your hormonal glands, align the chakras and to rejuvenate you! A little background to the video: I had a dear friend visiting me in 1991 and he introduced me to the Five Tibetan rites – also [...]

The Five Tibetans Rites2018-03-03T18:26:20+01:00

Conscious Breathing


Thank you for being here and allowing me to share what I have always been passionate about! It took me many years to finally find a spiritual path that fitted me. As a result of being energetically sensitive, as many of us are, we have often felt overwhelmed and [...]

Conscious Breathing2018-03-03T18:16:33+01:00