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Marya Norell

My name is Marya Norell and I am here to support you on the journey of awakening to your fullest potential, to inspire you to live the most authentic life, where you get access to your passion, power and purpose.

I am a passionate creator of personal growth programs that support people to heal, awaken and embody who they really are. My focus has become to guide women on the path of awakening into full flowering as well as offering couple retreats together with my Beloved in the art of conscious relating and true intimacy.

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Marya Namaste
Women’s Way – Alive @ Netherlands
Jun 20 – Jun 23 all-day

– This retreat is part of the Women’s Way Year Program and can’t be book separately –

In this retreat we deepen the connection to our life force, our sexuality. We awaken the sensuous Shakti, we reclaim our sexual being and learn to expand our life energy to vitalize ourselves.

We increase our orgasmic capacity by specific breath and bodywork. We explore how the feelings can be a doorway to the divine feminine. We learn to balance the inner masculine/feminine energy principles.

We look at the inner and outer relationships and bring healing and wholeness to this very important area of women’s life. The highlight of this retreat is a Sacred Union ceremony with the Beloved within.

This retreat will allow you to reach new dimensions of relating to yourself and others. It will ignite your sexual life energy and open the doorways to more fulfilling lovemaking and intimate life. Finally it will make you feel more alive than ever before!

Full details about the Women’s Way Year Program 2019
Women’s Way – Empowered @ Netherlands
Aug 29 – Sep 1 all-day

– This retreat is part of the Women’s Way Year Program and can’t be book separately –

Here we tap into our feminine power potential and reclaim our personal boundaries as well the ability to set healthy ones. We learn to access more integrity and stand in our true power. We free the voice and allow our lioness to roar and come alive.

We learn how to deal with judgments to self or others and how to heal from feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness. This retreat teaches you how to face and move beyond fear and victimhood and step into your natural dignity as a Queen.

You will come out with greater confidence and self-esteem. You will be proud to be the woman you are and have even more love to yourself!

Full details about the Women’s Way Year Program 2019
Women’s Way – Divine @ Netherlands
Nov 7 – Nov 10 all-day

– This retreat is part of the Women’s Way Year Program and can’t be book separately –

This retreat invites you to step into the temple of the Divine Feminine that you are, awakening even deeper to your feminine essence, unleashing the Goddess within and not any longer holding back your Sacred Self to shine at full capacity!

It is about reconnecting to your Higher Self as your guide and Angel and learning to manifest higher vibrational realities from where inner wisdom and intuitive knowing naturally flows. Aligning yourself to a higher frequency on a daily base will open the flow of creativity and allow you to share your unique gifts with the world you are here to assist in this time of global ascension.

This is where the Women’s Way journey ends with you becoming a living embodiment of the Goddess, living as the light of love and in oneness with all of creation. You have come home!

Full details about the Women’s Way Year Program 2019
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“Marya is a warm and compassionate woman, challenging you to discover your full potential on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.”

Sacha Entius, Shine Brightly

Thank you so much for the wonderful Living Intimacy Retreat, very intense and very good for my relationship with Ingrid, we are still enjoying every minute together now and it just feels like we are freshly in love again!

Marc Kolsters, Stones in Love

“Being in Women’s Way brought me back in alignment with my feelings. Very recommendable. Marya is an amazing teacher. So much love and natural way of being an empowered woman. She empowers every woman in the group.”

Corine Lavrijssen, Hetpotentieel

“Women’s Way helps me find my place within a circle of women, helps me connect with women on a deeper level. I feel more at ease with who I am and how I feel. My new found calmness gives me enormous strength, happiness and a powerful drive to to do, be and get what I need to live my life in fullness and pleasure.”

Janneke Robers, JannekeRobers

“Shakti Delight was for me a real meeting with the deep feminine energy. I feel more sparkeling, power and love in my life. I AM A WOMAN.”

Marja Kruik, Innerlijkdialoog

“Womens Way is an amazing program and I can recommend it to all women who have the time to give yourself this, you will never regret. It is one of the most fantastic journeys I have ever been on. To see the change in oneself and in the other women is unbelievable.”

Inger Lill Solberg

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